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You can have peace of mind
knowing we’ve got your back!

Our wealth of experience helps you avoid the stress that comes with financial decisions.

What Sets Us Apart

Howard M Goodman CPA provides more than just business services – we want you to be able to sleep better at night knowing that we’ve got your back. If you have an issue with federal or state tax officials, let us deal with them. If you’re worried about tax reform or a change in the tax code, we’ll explain how you can get the best outcome. We use a value-pricing model, which means you never have to worry about us charging hourly fees to answer your questions. We consider that preventative business medicine, which helps to avoid future pain and suffering for all of us!

Howard spent 10 years as an internal auditor, where he focused on studying and developing procedures to prevent errors and omissions. In Marianne’s career as a regional medical administrator, the health and welfare of patients were ultimately on the line if the correct processes were not followed, or documentation wasn’t accurate and complete. We leverage this wealth of experience to help clients maintain best-in-class operational practices themselves, and to seek out opportunities for tax reduction that others may have missed.

Together, Howard and Marianne bring their clients diverse knowledge and experience. In addition to his accounting and Wall Street background, he also is an expert in Blockchain, which has become a global phenomenon and represents a big part of the future. Marianne also brings three decades of experience in social work, eldercare, policies and procedures, healthcare, and more.


Howard M. Goodman, CPA

Since graduating from the Wharton School in 1988, Howard has acquired a wide range of experience and knowledge, working as an accountant, operations manager and financial consultant. After a successful 20-year career on Wall Street, he left the corporate world to focus on helping individuals and small businesses.

Howard brings his knowledge of the tax code, QuickBooks ProAdvisor skills, and experience managing accounting and operations staff to every client engagement. His client base spans a broad range of businesses, including restaurants, real estate agents, consultants, the practices of other licensed professionals and more. In addition, Howard is bilingual and is fluent in Spanish. This enables him to seamlessly work with clients in many other countries.

Howard is also a registered investment advisor and CPA advisor partner to 7th Harvest Investments, LLC, a registered investment advisory firm.

Did You Know? Howard has lived and traveled extensively throughout South America, and is fluent in Spanish; this enables him to work with clients in many other countries. He also translated “On Heaven and Earth,” the first significant work by Pope Francis to be published in English.


Marianne Goodman, LMSW

Marianne’s primary focus is client satisfaction and customer care, providing support in bookkeeping, tax and financial reporting services. She also leverages her organizational development background to help small businesses create and implement human resource policies and procedures programs.

With a master’s degree in social work and 20 years of experience in healthcare administration, her knowledge of healthcare, health plan options, human resources and quality improvement add value to any company or individual needing guidance in these areas.

Did You Know? Marianne is an accomplished musician with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy, where she focused mainly on patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. She has also performed in marching bands, small wind ensembles and pit orchestras in traveling Broadway productions.

Our Mission

Each day, we strive to better serve our clients through training on the latest accounting software and continually educating ourselves on how to lower your tax liability. We are confident that our clients are getting the most complete, up-to-date advice possible.

Our availability is the key to our success. We will always respond to clients as quickly as possible to let them know that we’ve received their request and are working on a timely response. For those who have experienced financial mismanagement in the past, we look to restore your faith by being held fully accountable for the completeness and accuracy of our work.

Our Vision

We believe that our clients are a community, so our vision is to create a vibrant environment where we can all benefit from knowing each other. Whether it’s a restaurant owner looking for new suppliers, a growing company with staffing needs or a parent looking for a good soccer coach, we want to help by constantly expanding our client base and creating opportunities for interaction.

We want all of our clients to not just believe, but know, that we care about them. In fact, we’d like them to think of us as part of their extended family.

Our Values

    • We believe that when asked to perform a service, we are obligated to work with the client’s best interest in mind.
    • We believe that we need to go beyond our traditional services, wherever possible, for those to whom our society owes a debt – specifically our brave veterans and the elderly.
    • If we feel that you do not need the services of a CPA, or if someone else can serve your needs better, we will tell you.
    • Each day, we hope to make the world a little better place for others than it was the day before.

Our ultimate goal for our work is to help you have more time and resources for yourselves and your families. We also want to reduce the stress that naturally comes with financial decision-making.

Tell us how we can best serve you!

We’re here to answer your questions or schedule a consultation if you’re ready to get started.

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